About Advanced Submarine Networks: South East Asia's Submarine Cabling Experts.



Modern telecommunications services, oceanic research probes, seismic tsunami early warning systems -- all can operate more reliably through submarine fiber optic cable solutions.


Our core competency is in project risk reduction, by coordinating the end-to-end deployment and activation of submarine cables by handling the in-region activities around prospect introductions, opportunity qualification, tender preparation, response evaluation, geo surveys, bid presentations, in-country contract management, deployment and post production training for:

-        submarine fiber telecommunications

-        oil & gas platforms to shore data and power connectivity

-        renewable energy transport

-        tsunami early warning systems


Operating from our regional base in Singapore, our Advanced Submarine Networks (ASN) team are submarine cabling experts. We have over 20 years of experience in helping our clients develop, implement and operate telecommunications and power networks.

Our team have achieved success in business development, sales, technical support and project management, for submarine cabling projects in South East Asia and more recently North East Asia.

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